Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What is this white stuff and why is it on my bushes?

We had snow. Beautiful, lovely cold and school canceling snow. Fortunately the kiddos have all been really good today. The Bob has been his usual mess making self but in a good mood about it instead of showcasing the whiny threes. The other two have played nicely with each other almost all day which is nearly unheard of. I on the other hand have been lazy lazy lazy. I have piles of laundry that need done, critter cages that need cleaned, a living/dining room that is a major disaster still, but I soothe myself with that by repeating that I haven't gotten all my furniture yet. The kitchen is still the bane of my existence, I would much rather be outside with the critters, with my hands in the dirt, watching the plants grow than wash dishes....perhaps I should get into pottery so that I can make dishes that we eat off of once and then I break them down and start over again.....wishful thinking.

The boys are so excited about some of the seed they have started so far. They are coming up nicely and even the tomatillos that I have never had any luck with have sprouted. I suppose they just took Boo's touch to decide they wanted to come up....he is my Sunshine after all. 

Getting ready to move computers over to our new desk, I should return to finish this post after we get things moved around!

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