Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I am such a beginner at so many things I am trying to become knowledgeable about in short order. I believe that with GMO's raising their heads, and the current economy being less than stellar, and watching food prices rise all the time due to the wide spread drought world wide, that things are bound to get a whole lot worse before they start looking better again. There are lots of days that I feel pretty well trapped where I am in my little rural town with some rules that are more stringent than the bigger cities around us. We are lucky in that we have a pretty big yard, and our landlords give us almost complete free reign as long as we keep things looking neat and orderly. Not hard to do with my raised beds that I am so proud of.

My raised beds in march of this year.

They looked so neat and perfect this spring when I started putting my plants in. Nothing like the over grown jungle that resides out in my back yard now. But out of that overgrown jungle, before the drought hit full force, I was bringing in between 20 and 60 tomatoes a day. Plus a few cucumbers, more broccoli, and my peppers are just starting to go nuts. I have been dehydrating like crazy, made spaghetti sauce, salsa, and jam. And then I gave most of my dehydrated stuff away to some of my family when they helped another family out and gained three more mouths to feed for a little bit. I loved being able to do that and help them out. To be able to feel like I -could- do that without putting us in a bind.

Everything that you read about prepping, everything you read about food storage or survival tends to focus on putting yourself first.  PEOPLE! Isn't that how we -got- in this situation? Putting ourselves first? I agree, you have to take care of yourself so you can take care of others but taking care of  yourself to the exclusion of all else just seems a little silly and counter productive to me.  I am not going to go that way. I am going to extend my help, my expertise to everyone I can. Starting with looking for a few freebie Kindle books from Amazon to share links with from time to time.

Here are today's












These were all free at the time of my posting, however I never know when Amazon and their many publishers will change the prices of their ebooks.