Thursday, April 5, 2012

Rambling after work

I was sitting here tonight talking with the Dear Hubby, and after discussing a wonderful blog post about ways to give up Vick's chest rub by using olive oil mixed with essential oils to alleviate the same symptoms, and it hit me, I read a lot of blogs written by homesteaders, by people that are considered Preppers, or by people who are trying to figure out how to deal with the situation of what happens if SHTF (shit hits the fan), not one of them that I have seen covers easy to access, LOCAL oil/fat products in their home remedies.

Where I live, coconut trees would not thrive, olive trees wouldn't survive either, other than maybe the Russian Olive...So although all these wonderful natural fats will be easily accessible in some areas, in the colder climates, they just aren't viable options. So I was lead to wonder why more of these groups don't focus on the easy to access fats such as lard, or butter. I know they aren't ideal, but they might be all left to a large amount of the population if some major catastrophe hit and forced us all to fend for ourselves.

Perhaps this is something I should research more fully and share my findings here. It can be yet another excuse to avoid the masses of house work always waiting on me. I have never enjoyed cleaning my home, or any other, other than the satisfaction of looking at what had been accomplished when it was all done. I would much rather be out foraging, hunting, fishing, gardening, taking care of my critters, and spending time outside. I have a feeling that when we move out on to a farm of our own the Dear Hubby will be rather dismayed to discover all the tales told him of my childhood ring true. I will clean my house, for I cannot stand filth, but if I get the chance I will always be outside first!

In other news, I have been a dehydrating fool this last week. I have learned that frozen veggies and fruits dehydrate beautifully, and I have been working on cleaning out our freezer to prepare for some fresh, grass fed beef to be added to it. Plus if we do get to move soon, I fully intend to have my freezers as empty as possible so I don't worry myself sick over whether the food survives the move in the abnormally warm spring we have had thus far.

The garden WILL be planted by the end of this weekend, even if I have to do so in a coat and boots while soaking wet in the rain. A solid 1/4 of my beds are going to be almost 6 weeks ahead of everything else. All because I decided to plant things on a lark because of all of our 70 degree and over weather through February and March. I hope to start posting some photos soon of my new and improved garden beds however I wanted  to wait until there had been a chance to mow so that I could show it off in it's full glory instead of showing the yard that was neglected due to a broken mower. So soon, very soon.

I hope that to those who read my little blog here you are all having a marvelous week and that wherever you are the weather blesses you with all things wonderful.