Saturday, February 11, 2012

Never knew baby steps looked like bunny slippers....

My new bunbuns are beautiful. I have an angora male that is so absolutely beautiful he makes me cry thinking of all the beautiful yarn I will be able to spin with his fur.  Then there is my little baby doe, she is this lovely silver grey and so pretty to be only 12 weeks old. Then Gianormica, big, sweet, and shy shy shy.  I feel like I am finally on my way.

 For almost  21 years I have had the same dream. I have dreamed of owning my own acreage and working towards being self-sufficient. I had always dreamed that it would be me and my poly family. My friends, and people who wanted the same kind of life that I am striving for. People who knew how to be respectful to the land, grateful for what we got and worked for, and considerate and kind to one another. I have had a lot of friends and loved ones that I thought wanted the same things. And some of them I think still want something similar. They will always be welcome. It is who I am. Once someone is family to me, they are always family.

I got sidetracked. I was wanting to detail a bit more for myself and whoever reads this the things that are still constant in my plan. Right now the big D and I are looking at a house on 20 acres. It has some awesome outbuildings, and a couple of mobile homes on it. There is a lot of work that needs to be done to the whole place and a lot of elbow grease is going to be needed to get it up to snuff, but when I look out across it I can see my fruit orchard and my garden in the different seasons... I can see my children and ourselves out playing in the yard. I can see where the goats and sheep and llamas will be, the horses running up the hill when they hear us call. The kids coming bursting into my Den when they get off the bus after school to see what I am working on, and to tell me about their day. When I stand on this place, I can see and hear all these things...I can see Dennis and I snuggling on a glider rocker on the carport watching the humming birds flit around the feeders in the morning sipping tea as the sun comes up.

It is such a peaceful feeling to feel when I am there. Near enough to the lake that from the west sun room we can watch the sun set over the water. I will be able to walk down to the water with the kids in the summer and swim or fish either one, or both for that matter!

I am not crazy about preparing for a natural disaster or some other, but I do believe in preparing ahead. I had neighbors as a kid that always had enough of everything. Anytime any of us ran low on food for what ever reason, they had enough to give to any of their neighbors. I didn't find out until way into my high school that they were Mormon. Their beliefs led them to have at least a year's worth of food on hand, to be able to help people in need, to be prepared when they needed something, and to appreciate the bounty that they had received. I always admired the rows of home canned veggies and fruit, their garden that always had things in it I hadn't seen grow before, like learning as a kid that peanuts grew underground...I never knew. My mom always bought eggs and milk from them for us when we didn't have hens for whatever reason, and she had the hardest time getting me to leave their barn. How could I leave? It was full of turkey's, peafowl, guineas, chickens, cats, and if I was lucky a new litter of kittens or two. A calf or two was not unusual, and of course the ducks and the geese. Gail always had  a smile on his face and a joke to play on me or my sister, but the tricks (treats in themselves) were always followed by a treat from the kitchen from Mildred.

I wanted to be like them when I got to be that age. I wanted to be out puttering around my farm, planting another year's garden, picking another bushel of beans, telling my neighbor kids to make sure they got all the blackberries off the bushes ...every single one, because I didn't want to mess with putting up any more of them that year.

I am working towards that, and I see the three rabbits in my shed right now as the first step in that direction.

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