Sunday, February 5, 2012

And thus another chapter begins

It seems like for every chapter in my life, I can find some way that I have chronicled my journey. I kept written journals in elementary and in high school, poetry in high school and college, then when I started getting online in college my electronic journals began...with my first marriage I was on live journal more often than not talking about my day, my hopes my fears, then I moved to facebook and now I am on facebook and finding that short little posts aren't what I am wanting to share with friends, family and strangers alike mostly because a stranger is just a friend you haven't met yet. I want to share my life. My story.

Every oddity that crosses my mind, my often contradictory interests and thoughts, the things that bring me joy and laughter (with five kids there are plenty of those) and the things that bring sadness and anger. My tales of reaching for my dream of homesteading, of being more self-sufficient, and crafting every moment I can craft. I am here to share those things with everyone and the knowledge I am gaining along the way as I learn about the things that interest matter how varied they are.

I welcome anyone as long as you don't try to start drama, a good conversation is one thing, I have a low tolerance for trolls they tend to upset the goats.

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